Our Mission

The Western University SunStang Solar Car Project is a student-run mega project in which students design and build a solar powered car to partake in international solar races. The team welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from all faculties and currently consists of members from multiple disciplines including Engineering and Business. Since its founding in 1991, SunStang has competed in 8 international competitions - our greatest accomplishment finishing 2nd in North America at the 1996 World Solar Challenge. SunStang creates opportunities for members to not only learn about developing solar technologies, but to apply these acquired skills to future projects. In July 2017, the solar car created by the Western University team will be returning to  Austin, TX for the Formula Sun Grand Prix.

What We've Achieved

  • The project was conceived in 1991 as an honours research project and within two years saw its first competition in the 1993 World Solar Challenge.
  • In 1995, Western finished 21st overall at SunRayce in Indianapolis with a completely new and redesigned car.
  • Western finished 1st at the Canadian Solar Discovery Challenge after SunRayce.
  • In 1996, SunStang designed a car to compete in the World Solar Challenge, where we finished 2nd out of the North American teams and 12th overall in the world.
  • SunStang was awarded the spirit award in the 1997 Sunrayce competition. 
  • SunStang has participated in the 2005 and 2007 World Solar Challenges.