2019-2020 Year

Recruitment - 2019


This is the first word we think of when asked to describe our 2019 recruitment process. Over the last two months Sana Zafar, our Recruitment Lead, has been organizing the team in preparations for the most impactful 30 minute presentation Sunstang has ever given.

The presentation itself was not magical. It was however: organized, confident, and informative; all things which -honestly- Sunstang has missed the mark on in previous years.

The presentation began as all good presentations should. Our Project Manager stood in front of the crowd, explained our long history and emphasized our goal for this year: Finish Top 5 at American Solar Challenge 2020. You would have heard a pin drop in this moment. The focus was on Sunstang, and from the look on the audience’s faces everyone was thinking the same thing “Where do I sign up”. Steven perfectly described our culture and values adding flares of colour to keep people wanting more. It was evident that with this 5 minute introduction, people wanted to be part of the future success we aim to bring to Western University.

The subteams came next; Electrical, Mechanical, Software, Operations. We laid the groundwork for our team structure and enticed the crowd with the skills they would learn. Real engineering. This is what we do that differentiates us from other Engineering students. It is the work you do in Sunstang that employers ask about in interviews. We didn’t want to over glorify our work, we explained how real engineering requires lots of report writing and iterative design which can be quite boring. Our goal was to be interesting and honest.

It worked.

A Huge Huge Success - By our standards anyways. At the end of our recruitment we had 110 new members sign up. Most of which were 2nd and 3rd year students, with a sprinkling of 1st year, 4th year, and Graduate Students. All of whom, were wanting and willing to get some hands on engineering experience.

The recruitment process isn’t done yet. An entry survey is next for these new members, followed by our team integration and training process. We expect to lose some of the 110 that signed up, but this is easily double the interest that Sunstang normally receives. The major improvement we have for next year is booking a room much more in advance. We booked our the day before. This was an issue because we had to meet students at our shop and then shuttle them over to a room.

Some of these new members will become future team leads. In the coming months we will find them and push them to success as well.