Welcome to the Circuit of the Americas

SunStang started the day off bright and early with anticipation of the first day of FSGP 2017. Getting to the track for 8am registration the team started the day off with team meetings before getting to see our garage and unloading the trailer.

The competition had officially kicked off and right away the numerous garages were bustling with the 18 solar teams trying to get ready for scrutineering. This was the first introduction to solar car racing for 5 of the 7 team members who travelled down to Austin, and they got to finally witness the fervor of competition and the build up to the first day of racing.

With SunStang not having any scrutineering until Wednesday, the team began polishing up the car; Western and Canada flags were hung then the team got to work finishing the many small tasks that were required before we could take to the track. The day was spent constantly working on the car while occasionally taking respite from the 37 degree weather, a stark change to the weather back north of the border.

Finally, after a long day in the sun the team cleaned up and closed down the garage for the night. Yet despite the hard work put in all day there was already excited chatter over dinner of what was to be worked on tomorrow. 

The team is looking forward to the rest of the week and seeing the car successfully pass scrutineering and make it onto the track come Thursday. Check back again tomorrow for further updates on the team and how our second day at the track goes!