New & Noteworthy

SunStang's been hard at work these past few weeks, working on everything from battery box disassembly to the layups for the new bottom shell of our aerobody. Take a look at the time lapse of our body team's layup process for the foam and top carbon fiber layers.

FSGP 2015 & Beyond

This past July, the Western Sunstang Solar Car team travelled to Austin, Texas to compete in the Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP). Although SunStang did not place, the time spent at competition with other teams and students provided us with invaluable experience that we are carrying forward in our work. Thanks to the events at FSGP, we have learned what we need to improve, and we are pursuing a better motor for our car, as well as a top 5 finish in the upcoming ASC 2016! Photos of our trip will be posted on our Facebook, linked to at the bottom of this page.

The Sun never sets for SunStang

The Western University SunStang Solar Car Project is a student-run mega project in which students design and fabricate a solar powered car to partake in international solar races. The team welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from all faculties and currently consists of members from multiple disciplines of Engineering and Business. Since its founding in 1991, SunStang has competed in 8 international competitions - our greatest accomplishment finishing 2nd in North America at the 1996 World Solar Challenge. SunStang creates opportunities for members to not only learn about developing solar technologies, but to apply these acquired skills to future projects. In July 2016, the solar car created by the Western University team will be travelling to the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, PA for the Formula Sun Grand Prix, followed by the American Solar Challenge starting in Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Brecksville, OH and travelling a total of 1800km to Wind Cave National Park in Hot Springs, SD.

Where's SunStang

Can you find SunStang? Here's a hint, we're near the back!



Looking for a dynamic team to make a part of your life? SunStang is always looking for bright young minds to contribute to our project. If you are a Western University student and are interested in joining a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, drop by CMLP 67 and give SunStang a try! We look forward to meeting you.